Agenda Overview

Data Time Session Topic
May 11 9:00-17:00 VR Masterclass Basic Unity
May 12 09:00-11:30 Keynote
13:30-18:00 Technical Session I  Technical Session II  Case Studies Session  VR/AR Session   EDU Session
20:00-22:00 Unite Party
May 13 09:00-18:00 Technical Session I  Technical Session II Case Studies Session  VR/AR Session


Case Studies Session, 7th Floor Grand Ballroom I
Date Time Session Topic Speaker
May 12 13:30-14:15 How to Make Successful Products Continuously - From Tianlong 3D to Zhuxian Tong Qing
SVP, Perfect World
14:15-15:00 Head to the World with Unity: Experience Sharing in R&D Efficiency and Monetizing of Small Team In The World Song Xiaoxiao
CEO, YoMob 
Qian Kanglai
CTO, Soulgame
15:00-15:45 Dragon Nest Performance Optimization Pang Chihai
Engine Develop Engineer, Huanle
15:45-16:30 Next-level Cartoon Rendering Technology in Unity 5 He Jia
Technical Lead, Mihoyo
16:30-17:15 Exploring the Audio-visual Language in the VR Environment of the Game Engine Mi Li
Co-founder CCO \ Director, Pinta Studio
17:15-18:00 Honor of Kings: Technical Dive Deng Jun
Honor of Kings Technical Director, Tencent
May 13 9:00-9:45 Experience Sharing of Battle of Balls Optimization Li Dongxu
Senior Backend Engineer, Giant
9:45-10:30 The Network Synchronization Technology in MOBA Chen Shi
Principle Developer, Linekong
10:30-11:15 2D Indie Game Design of Coconut Island Xu Buyi
CTO, Coconut Island
11:10-12:00 Classic, Modern, Future - Three Ways in Which That Shanda Uses Unity Engine Xu Zheng
Director of Tech Center, Shanda
13:30-14:15 Developing Turn-based Mobile Game with Unity Wang Yuanming
Principle Engineer, Loong Entertainment
14:15-15:00 The Development of Action Game ICEY Feng Xiang
CTO, FantaBlade Network Technology
15:00-15:45 How to Create Adaptive Graphics on Mobile Devices Li Jing
Technical Art Director, Lilith Games
15:45-16:30 Transformation of Webgame Team to Mobilegame Team with Unity Ye Bin
Producer, So Funny
16:30-17:15 Indie Game Development Skills He Bin
Producer, Hunter Studio
17:15-18:00 The Art Design Proccess of Marvel Game Tang Jingjing
Art Director, Xiaozao Technologies
Technical Session I, 7th Floor Pearl Room
Date Time Session Topic Speaker
May 12 13:30-14:15 Unity Enterprise Support Case Sturdy and Analysis Zhang Liming
Unity Technical Director, China
14:15-15:00 Bug Summiting Procedure by Unity R&D Cai Yuanxing
Unity R&D Engineer
15:00-15:45 Application and Analysis of Real-Time Voice and Video Technology in Games Chen Ruofei
Chief Audio Expert,
15:45-16:30 New Features of NavMesh Bao Jianyun
Unity Evangelist
16:30-17:15 Asynchronous Programming in Unity Liu Weixian
Unity Support Engineer
17:15-18:00 Advanced Unity Graphics Debugging Zhang Chenyuan
Unity Support Engineer
May 13 9:00-9:45 New Features and Development Plans of GPU Instancing Yao Xiaoling
Unity R&D Engineer
9:45-10:30 Fuel Your Game Dev Dream - Make Money on Mobile With Unity Chen Di
Unity Analytics Business Development Director
Zhu Huabing
Unity Ads Senior Business Development Manager
10:30-11:15 The Crowd Simulation Baseed On Animation Instancing Jin Xiaoyu
Unity Support Engineer
11:10-12:00 Fast Game Prototyping With Unity Richard Yang
Unity Platform Technical Director
13:30-14:15 Adam Demo Creation with Timeline, Cinemachine & Unity Kelvin Lo
Unity Evangelist
14:15-15:00 Vulkan in Unity - Extreme Optimization Cases Nathan Li
Ecosystem Manager, ARM
15:00-15:45 Performance Profiling & Optimization of Mobile Games Zhang Liming
Unity Technical Director, China
Tian Biao
Unity Support Engineer
15:45-16:30 Unity Render Pipeline New Features - Scriptable Render Pipeline Liu Zhendong
Unity Support Engineer
16:30-17:15 UGUI Optimization Deep Dive Yang Huazhong
Unity Support Engineer
17:15-18:00 Unity eaglEEye Performance Analysis Platform Gao Chuan
Unity Support Engineer
Technical Session II, 7th Floor Grand Ballroom II
Date Time Session Topic Speaker
May 12 13:30-14:15 Unity Analytics Roundtable: Game Industry Trend John Cheng
Unity Analytics General Manager
14:15-15:00 Asset Bundle Graph Tool Hiroki Omae
Unity Regional Director, Japan
15:00-15:45 The Making of Ultimate Bowl 2017 - A Real-Time Demo Using Timeline Function Haruhiro Uchida
Satoshi Takahashi
Yuya Torii
Zhang Zhongzheng
Marza Animation Planet
15:45-16:30 Great Minds Think Southeast Asia Jonathon Sze
Co-Founder & COO, CloudMoolah
16:30-17:15 Unity WebGL Status Update Marco Trivellato
Unity Software Developer
17:15-18:00 Next-gen Mobile Game Texturing and PBR Shading Lee Jungpyo
Technical Art Expert, NetEase
May 13 9:00-9:45 Unity 5.6 New Feature: 360 Video Player Carl Callewaert
Unity Global Director of Evangelism
9:45-10:30 Cinematics & Storytelling with Timeline and Cinemachine Adam Myhill
Unity Head of Cinematics
Mike Wuetherick
Unity Product Manager
10:30-11:15 Freshen up your App: Introducing Remote Settings, an Upcoming Feature of Unity Analytics Lukasz Wolinski
CTO, Dr. Panda
11:15-12:00 Quixel Megascans & Unity Teddy Bergsman Lind
CEO, Quixel
13:30-14:15 Brand New 2D Features Rustum Scammell
Technical Product Manager
14:15-15:00 Closing Your Art and Work Gap Ben Kerslake
Jerry Verhoeven
Co-Directors,Grinning Pickle
15:00-15:45 New 2D Sprite Atlas Workflows: From Simple to Complex Paul Tham
Unity Global 2D Team Lead
15:45-16:30 Shader Profiling and Optimization Arturo Nunez
Unity Field Engineer
16:30-17:15 Optimizing Unity: Minimizing Memory & CPU Ian Dundore
Unity Enterprise Support Engineer
17:15-18:00 Use ScriptableObject to Improve Effciency of Developers and Artists Ian Dundore
Unity Enterprise Support Engineer
VR/AR Session, 7th Floor Grand Ballroom III
Date Time Topic Speaker
May 12 13:30-14:10 Designing EditorVR: Lessons Learned Timoni West
Principal Designer, Unity Labs
14:15-14:55 What to Pack: Exploring VR & AR with Daydream and Tango Wim Meeussen
Senior Software Engineer, Google
15:00-15:40 Achieve Extreme Graphics Performance: Enhance the VR Experience of Star Trek ™: Bridge Crew Wang Wenlan
Senior Software Engineer, Intel
15:45-16:25 Sharing Development Experience of Crisis Action VR Zhang Zihao
Producer, Hero Entertainment
16:30-17:10 Designing AR Apps for Real-World Environments Clifford Chin
Vuforia Evangelist
Vinny DaSilva
Vuforia Developer Evangelist
17:15-18:00 HoloLens Development in Unity Bao Jianyun
Unity Evangelist
May 13 9:00-9:45 Immersion of Multiplayer and Singleplayer Game in VR Kelvin Lo
Unity Evangelist
9:45-10:30 Scumbag Brain: The Science of VR Mike Geig
Unity Evangelist
10:30-11:15 The Optimization of PlayStation® VR Development in Unity James Wang
Technical Director, SIE Shanghai
11:15-12:00 Unity Analytics in VR Marek Marchlewicz
Unity Evangelist
13:30-14:15 "Word to World" - Artwork Realized with Unity Lin Junting
New Media Artist
14:15-15:00 VRWorks and Ansel in NVIDIA Yang Xueqing
Senior Development Engineer, Nvidia
15:00-15:45 Extreme Experience in MR - Building an Application Based on Windows MR Platform and Unity Mei Yingguang
Technical Evangelist, Microsoft
Lu Rong
Visual C++ Project Manager, Microsoft
15:45-16:30 VR Hack ‘n’ Slash Game Development Experience Zhang Yue
CPO, Vanimals
16:30-17:15 Audio Spatializer in Unity Sun Zhipeng
Unity Support Engineer
17:15-18:00 Quick Dive into Google Dadyream Development Marek Marchlewicz
Unity Evangelist
EDU Sesssion, 5th Floor 5B+C Meeting Room(FOC Session)
Date Time Session Topic Speaker
May 12 13:30-14:00 The Introduction of Unity Education Li Hong
Unity Senior Educatuion Manager
14:05-14:35 The Development and Educational Application of Smart Automobile Driving Stimulator With Unity Wang Jianmin
Professor, Tongji University
14:40-15:10 The Application of Unity Training Xie Ning
Vice Professor, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
15:15-15:45 Unity is Weird, Wild & Wonderful Christian Grewell
Baaria Ahmad Chaudhary
Marjorie Wang
NYU Shanghai
15:50-16:20 Combining VR with High Level Education Yang Lijun
General Manager, Lanou Technology Ltd., Co.
16:25-17:00 How to Train Game Designers with Unity at Universites Shao Bing
Vice Professor, Jilin University of The Arts


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